Harry Potter Butter Beer – a Caramel Cream Soda Pop


This Harry Potter Butter Beer is basically a caramelized simple syrup with fizzy water.  Add a tiny dash of lemon or lime for some citrus to brighten it and cut the sweet.

Butter Beer

1 1/2 C Sugar1 1/2 C Water
1 tsp vanilla
dash lemon or lime juice

Place sugar in a heavy saucepan on medium high heat until melted.   Just after it melts (do NOT boil it for a long time, or bring it to a heavy boil), pour water in CAREFULLY – caution with this step or you will steam burn your hand.  I speak from experience here.    The mixture will froth wildly and the sugar will begin to harden but that is OK.  Keep the temperature on high and allow mixture to come up to a boil again.  It will darken and thin, and continue boiling about 2 – 3 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Add vanilla.  Yield on this is about 2 C finished syrup.

Add about 1/2 C of syrup for each half gallon of fizzy water.   For the party, we used 2 C  syrup and two full gallons fizzy water.   If you like your butter beer stronger, hold back on the water.   After you put the fizzy water and syrup in, you may finish with about a half tsp per gallon of lemon or lime juice.  It just cuts the cloying sweetness.


Sugar is beginning to melt here


Sugar here is nearly melted


Completed syrup, ready for the fizz!

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