Hogwart’s Style Chocolate Frogs


The mission here is to create a Harry Potter dessert for the first meeting of the Harry Potter Book Reading Club, a group of soon-to-be 2nd grade boys.   I also made some Butter Beer which is a caramel soda pop.    For this particular confectionary you’ll need a few specialty items.  Fortunately here in Seattle we have Home Cake Decorating Supply.   There you will find pans, molds, color, every brand of baking geekery imaginable.  The owner of Home Cake, Greil, has forgotten more abut confection and cake than we will know in our lifetime.   About twelve years ago I was embarking on my first elaborate cake project and I visited the store, upset.  Greil said the magic words that have remained with me forever:  “Calm down.  Get hold of yourself already, it’s just cake.”

For this project you will need a plastic frog mold.   I bought mine at Home Cake, but they can easily be purchased on various websites for about $2.  You will also need meltable chocolate.   I have made filled chocolate eggs before by purchasing couverture and tempering chocolate myself.    My kitchen looked like a homicide scene from Willy Wonka when I was finished and about 25% of my candy was not properly set.   Tempering chocolate by hand is not for the faint of heart.   The other 75% was amazing, however.   My point is that 8 year old little boys are not picky about chocolate and this time, I opted to keep the project simple with meltables.  I did buy the high quality semi-sweet from Home Cake Decorating.

I chose to make these frogs with red gut fillings – raspberry flavor.  Your choice, you could flavor with something else, or just vanilla.   If you are going to color these (or anything) I highly recommend purchasing Americolor.  It is vivid and a couple drops will color most anything.   I keep a large selection on hand.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs
1 Lb semi-sweet chocolate meltables
2 1/2 C Confectioner’s Sugar
1/4 C unsalted butter, softened
1/4 C cream cheese, softened
1/8 tsp Raspberry extract, pure (optional)
2 – 3 drops AmeriColor (optional)

Place 2 – 3 inches of water in a large pot to boil.  Separately, in the bowl of a large mixer, place your confectioner’s sugar, softened butter and cream cheese.   Blend until just about pulled together.   Add 1/8 tsp of flavoring and your color if using.  Blend until mixture pulls tightly together.  Remember, this is not icing – it should be thick, slightly more gooey than play dough.   Don’t panic if it doesn’t look right — add more confectioner’s sugar, or a skosh more softened butter until the consistency is correct.    Set in fridge a few minutes to cool.

Meanwhile, place a stainless bowl over your pot of boiling water.   Turn water down to low.  Pour in about half of your chocolate meltables.  Stir until melted.   Spoon chocolate into frog mold about 2/3 full (do not grease the molds, they will pop out easily when chilled).   Into each frog mold, place an oblong of “frog guts” filling.   Cover each with a remaining teaspoon of melted chocolate.   Be sure to “tap tap” your mold gently on the counter to eliminate air bubbles and level the chocolate.   Place in fridge to chill about an hour.

I brushed each frog with a little edible sparkle to complete the Hogwart’s look.


Add the coloring just before it pulls together


If you have a roving pack of small boys around, you can ask them to sample your frog guts. 


Good idea to shape some frog guts and have them set aside for quick placing in your molds when the melted chocolate is spooned in


Many years ago when I started baking, the words “double boiler” struck terror into my heart.   But it’s very simple – just a pan, over steaming hot water.  A stainless bowl over any heavy saucepan works perfectly.


Stirring occasionally while melting…


Here the chocolate is ready for spooning


Molds filled…


Guts are in…..


And chocolate spooned on top for the finish


3 thoughts on “Hogwart’s Style Chocolate Frogs

  1. I’m so glad you remembered the frog guts. For your target audience, that’s the kind of detail that’s important.

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