Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge: The First Burger is from Lil Woody’s


The inaugural burger of our Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge was consumed at Lil Woody’s on Capitol Hill.   Lil Woody’s is West of Broadway on Pine.   Parking isn’t a joy anywhere on Capitol Hill but like rock stars, we found a spot smack in front of the place.    Less like rock stars and more like complete burger dorks, we entered the place within minutes of Seattle’s temperature crawling above the all time official heat record.  Flush with appropriate burger magazine, a spiral notebook for tracking our criteria (and possibly heat exhaustion) we would not be daunted.

Lil Woody’s reminded me of burger joints my family visited in rural Nevada or Arizona when I was a kid and we spent much of our time on the road.   Very WYSIWYG.  Plastic orange chairs, big old wooden exposed beams, burgers wrapped in red and white check paper, and coolers full of ice cold bottles of pop.   They had green apple soda!  And they offered Earp’s Sarsaparilla.   Any place where you can buy sarsaparilla is close to my heart.  It was ubiquitous when I was a child here in the West.

The menu was straightforward but also offered some really inventive options.   I chose the “Fig and Pig” – a burger boasting, “A scoop of Boat Street pickled figs, Hills Bacon, mayo and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese“.   Mr. Flour opted for “The Trotter”, which is “Caramelized onions, apple, mayo and chopped up Hills Bacon. Topped with our own horseradish sauce“.   My little pocket pies each ordered the straight burger, one with “the works, lots of it” and one with literally nothing:  burger. cheese. bun.   Pocket Pie # 2 is potentially disqualified from voting in the topping section.

My first impression as I tasted the Fig and the Pig:   Why have I never paired fig with a burger before?    Quite often at home I make burgers with slowly sauteed Walla Walla Sweets, and Gorgonzola.   The fig was just over the top in tastiness – I loved it.   The other thing about Lil Woody’s is the fries.   These are fries in a league of their own.   Now, we felt it our patriotic duty to sample two types of fries.   We ordered the straight hand-cut fries, and we also ordered one of the specialties:   Fries topped with house made queso.   The queso was just perfectly spicy, and wonderful, and dumped on top of a basket of hot, fresh fries.   They also offer “crack” which are fries dipped in milkshakes, but that was a fried potato too far for us on this hot day.

The scores (more on scoring here) and the burger porn:

  • Bun – 8.75
  • Containment – 9
  • Seasoning – 6.25
  • Topping Selection – 7.5
  • Accoutrements – 8
  • Cheese – 7.25
  • Appropriate Grilling – 8.75
  • Atmosphere – 3.5

bc1friesHand cut fries, with house made queso.   This was like some sort of french fried nirvana.

bc1figpigThis is the Fig and the Pig….

Stay tuned for next week’s burger!

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