Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge: Katsu Burger!


Katsu Burger is tucked into a little strip mall in Georgetown, near S Michigan and East Marginal.   Note – if you are driving Southbound on East Marginal, pay special attention or you’ll end up in the rental car lot.   At Katsu Burger, all the burgers are prepared Japanese style — breaded in panko, and deep fried.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This means your hamburger patty is first breaded in panko, then deep fried.   Don’t try to order it grilled because they won’t have it.  (So – for purposes of our score card, “grilled” now means “cooked” — how was the burger cooked?   Too dry?  Too red in the middle?)   All burgers also come topped with cabbage, tomatoes, red onion, and pickles.

Can I just say:   Any burger joint that features A & W in an ice cold can, Johnny Cash playing overhead
and Totoro on the wall is my kind of place!   

First impression:  Katsu Burger is charming.  It is a tiny place with big soul and even bigger burgers.  Walls were filled with our favorite Japanese characters, and also plenty of Ninja.   For this particular visit, Grandpa and Grandma Flour Child joined us – the original Flour Children.  The burger menu at Katsu was out of this world!   Mr. Flour opted for the ‘Godzilla’ – a beef patty, pepper jack, 12 spice blend, jalapenos, spicy mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce.   I ordered ‘Samurai Select’ – beef patty, bacon, pineapple, wasabi mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce.   Grandma Flour Child had a ‘Katsu Curry’ – pork cutlet, American, curry mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce.   Pocket Pie #1 also had a pork cutlet sandwich instead of beef – it was the best selling Ninja Deluxe.

These were seriously tasty burgers!   And, although n0t hand cut, the shoestring fries were cooked perfectly.  They came in three flavors:   Nori, Sea Salt, and Curry.   Served with the fries were a large selection of dipping sauces – Japanese Mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce, curry mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, miso honey mustard, wasabi mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, or spicy mayonnaise.

Overall, we found the Katsu deep fried burger to be highly successful – crispy, light tasting (is that possible??).    Mine did become a little soggy about halfway through but I was full by that time anyway.  And to be fair, I had opted for a heavily pineappled, wasabi’d and tonkatsu’d extravaganza.   We sampled the burgers around and all of us agreed that actually the pork Katsu selections (Katsu Curry, and Ninja Deluxe) were the best of the lot.   The buns were our only ‘thumbs down’.   While they did manage to contain the massive Katsu Burger, they were otherwise unremarkable.

While they do not offer gluten free buns, they do offer a tofu option for all burgers.

The scores (more on scoring here) and the burger porn:

  • Bun – 5.25
  • Containment – 7.5
  • Seasoning – 8.75
  • Topping Selection –9.75
  • Accoutrements – 8.25
  • Cheese – 5.75
  • Appropriate Grilling (cooking) – 9.5
  • Atmosphere – 8.5


The Ninja Deluxe – deep fried pork cutlet


This is the Samurai! 

katsu2Curry fries on your left, and Nori fries on the right – very good.  Hot, crispy, perfect shoestring fries with your choice of dipping sauces.  



2 thoughts on “Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge: Katsu Burger!

  1. Granpa, (Papa to both Pocketpies) checking in. My only regret being absent for the rest of this quest! This was a fun adventure with a wonderful ethnic spin on a American traditional meal. Great service and panko around a meat patty=juicy. A great experience for sure..

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