Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge: 8oz Burger Bar


Tonight’s visit was to the 8oz Burger Bar on Capitol Hill.   8oz Burger Bar is a chain with a few locations – we had never visited before.    First impressions:  FREE PARKING ON CAPITOL HILL!!!! WOOHOO!!

From the outside, 8oz looks like your typical casual Seattle eatery.   Upon entering 8oz Burger Bar, there is a hostess who greets you and escorts you to a seat and that is the delicious moment you realize there will be truffle oil and artichokes!

The tables are hobbit-sized.  Like Bilbo, we quickly loaded an enormous pile of food on miniature real estate.  But the ambiance is fun – loud, but not crazily so and excellent light.   I loved how a burger was delivered very simply, on a white plate, and the fries appear in galvanized buckets lined with paper.

8oz Burger Bar’s menu claim to uniqueness in a sea of burgers is the offbeat meat.   They offer ostrich, lamb, banh mi as well as wild boar.  (Wild boar??)   They also have vegan and vegetarian options, AND finally — a place with gluten free buns.  We all agreed they had the best offerings as sides – whole artichokes, potato skins in truffle oil and a PLATE O’ BACON need I say more?  Also offered are Fried Green Tomatoes and Deviled eggs.

I opted for the Sliders, which were prepared with arugula, bacon fig jam, white cheddar and aioli.   Mr. Flour opted for the Madison – watercress, tomato, roasted onions, thyme infused truffle salt and cave aged gruyere amongst other deliciousness.   Pocket Pie #1 went for the Classic, loaded with iceberg lettuce, pickle, tomato, special sauce and onion.    And we can count on Pocket Pie #2 to keep it simple off the ‘build your own’ menu with American cheese and beef.

The food at 8oz Burger Bar is excellent, delivered promptly, and the staff was friendly.   We were the only patrons with children.  The IPA beer batter onion rings were so crisp and light– like a blast from my childhood when my parents made them in summertime.   Our only criticism was Mr. Flour’s burger was still mooing a little, despite his request for medium.  This was passable for him, given the fact that Mr. Flour will eat any burger that doesn’t eat him first.   If one of the Pocket Pies had received a dark red burger, we’d probably have had to send it back.

We considered making 8oz Burger Bar a weekly habit except, well, that’s positively indecent.   Further, the final tally for 4 burgers, 4 fries/sides and 2 shakes was ONE whole Ben Franklin.  $100 worth of juicy burger goodness .  It was not the best price tag for a family outing but we had plenty left over for lunches tomorrow.  We agreed it was worth the cost for one big splurge meal.   Also – arguably the meal is worth a high cost because Pocket Pie #1 has to calculate averages for the scoring, therefore saving us one Everyday Math deprogramming tutoring session.

The scores (more on scoring here) and the burger porn:

  • Bun – 9.25
  • Containment – 8.5
  • Seasoning – 8.5
  • Topping Selection – 8.25
  • Accoutrements – 10
  • Cheese – 7.25
  • Appropriate Grilling (cooking) – 8.25
  • Atmosphere – 9

8oz3The Madison….


Shakes – we split them.  One vanilla malt, one “Nutella and Green tea” which sounds weird, but I hear was fantastic…

8oz6Kids devoured this one – marinated roasted artichoke with lemon chive aioli


Why YES.  Yes, that is a pile of garlic on those fresh, hand cut fries.   To the left you can see the beer battered onion rings – light, perfectly seasoned perfection

One thought on “Great Seattle Family Burger Challenge: 8oz Burger Bar

  1. Well Ma Flour, aka ‘Wimpy’, says it looks like burger heaven for sure. I agree! Sorry we missed this one.

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