Emmer and Chocolate Chip Scones


These scones were made with Emmer flour, from Bluebird Grain farms in the Methow Valley.  Emmer is a wonderful grain with which to bake.  It’s very high protein – I’ve read as much as 17 – 19%.   Emmer is an ancient grain, identified in the neolithic archaeological record.   This grain was once ubiquitous and found only rarely today.   It is extremely low gluten (although not gluten free, it is much lower than wheat.  If you can tolerate low gluten, it is acceptable).

I have found you can substitute almost straight for traditional wheat flour.  However, like many nutritious whole grains (think:  bran) it is dry.   So you may have to adjust the wet ingredients from your favorite recipes.   It is also quite hearty and more suited to heavier breads and cakes than delicate recipes.

Emmer and Chocolate Chip Scones

2 C Emmer Flour
1 C Oats – the Old Fashioned type
3 T Brown Sugar
1 T baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 C cold butter
1 C Buttermilk
1 Egg
1 tsp vanilla

1 – 1/4 C Chocolate Chips

In a bowl, combine dry ingredients.   Cut in butter (if you are using a food processor, be sure not to over-pulse).   It should look like coarse, large crumbs when the butter is uniformly cut in.  Aside, whisk together your wet ingredients.   Pour the wet ingredients over the dry, and with a very light touch, mix them together.  You can use a spatula, I used my fingers.    When your mixture is about half combined — add the chocolate chips.   Mix quickly until it pulls together in a ball (do NOT over mix this, or they will be like hockey pucks).    Pat into a disc and slice with a sharp knife into triangles.

Brush lightly with egg or cream and bake at 425 for 14 minutes.


Bluebird Grains, ” Our grains are grown in the Upper Methow Valley and irrigated with pure mountain water straight from the Pasayten Wilderness. We time tillage and planting for optimum seed germination and natural weed control. We cultivate our own seed to keep our pure, heirloom grain varieties strong and healthy. And after harvest, we incorporate our grain-straw back into the soil that it came from. “

bluebird5Pouring the wet ingredients onto the dry in preparation for mixing…


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