Beeswax Cotton Sheets – kill some plastic with these!


I heard about this idea on The Splendid Table and decided it would be a lovely addition to some of my Christmas gifting.   I picked up just a couple yards of muslin and finished it with a zigzag, but I’ve since read you can also just use pinking shears.   Because these were gifts I spent some time embroidering a small flower on each corner, but these easily could be just simple and plain also.   I anticipate getting some use from these as I read they are particularly good for baked items and cheese!

Beeswax Cloths

1 – 2 yards of Muslin
Beeswax Pellets
Hanger + binder clips

Cut the muslin to the desired size.   Preheat oven to 180.   Use a silpad or foil that you will toss – it won’t be usable again.   Place the squares on the sheet, and then sprinkle the beeswax pellets.  Go light on this!!  You can always add more but scraping wax off is no fun (I found out the hard way).   I read several websites which estimated 2 – 3 minutes for these to melt, but I found mine took closer to 10 minutes.  They will be completely glistening and waxy — use a throwaway paint brush or old pastry brush you will no longer use to brush the wax even around.   Then, hang up side-by-side not touching one another and allow to dry.

beeswax2Beeswax pellets sprinkled on the muslin…

beeswax1Hanging to cool…

beeswax4And the finished product!




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