Raspberry Summer Soda


I make homemade soda pop year round.  In the summertime, I try to use fresh fruit and in the winter I have used cranberries, citrus, even pumpkin!   Today’s soda is a fresh organic raspberry and I like to mix it with a little pure lemon juice for a raspberry lemon fizz.   It’s super easy – here’s the process and you can substitute almost any fruit – just take care not to throw in the pits as some are toxic.

Raspberry Soda

2 C Sugar
2 C Water
1 C Fresh Raspberries

Bring to boil sugar, water and raspberries.   Boil for at least 3 minutes.   For every minute you boil longer than 3, your simple syrup will thicken.  So – if you want pancake syrup instead – which I highly recommend – boil for several minutes longer.   After syrup has cooled enough, pour into waiting jar and cool completely.   We like ours to be lightly flavored and for a half gallon pitcher, I use half cup of syrup, half cup of lemon and fizzy water for the rest.   You can change it up to your tastes — we bought a soda water maker and we use it almost daily.


Raspberry simple syrup ready for water….


Full boil…


With many fruits (rhubarb, strawberry) I simply leave the fruit in the syrup.  However, with raspberries it is important to strain because of the seeds.   Pouring quickly through a sieve will accomplish this – and then I throw a few fresh raspberries in the syrup jar for fruity goodness!